Functional Hoofcare Service Fees (as of 1st july 2021)

Standard Consultation (trim): $60

Transition Consultation (remove shoes, trim & boot fit): $90

Boot Fit only (no trim): $60

Trim & Boot Fit: $80

Note: A travel fee may apply if you are 100km round trip or more and I have no other bookings that I can slot in with yours (usually the cost of a horse trim = $50 extra)

Appointments are available during the week and on weekends - each week will vary

Any questions, please call or sms 0419 118 037 or fill in the "contact" form

Boot Fitting:

I offer a fitting service for Easyboot Gloves and Scoot Boots so you know what type & size hoof boot will suit your horse best. I do occasionally keep some boots in stock or new boots can be purchased directly from or

when considering "barefoot" for your horse...

Although a barefoot "trim" is less expensive than a shoeing by a farrier, you must keep in mind that for barefoot to work it needs to be applied often to keep your horses hooves in optimal shape. After 3-4 weeks of hoof growth the trim that was applied previously is no longer valid, the hoof has grown enough to allow the outer wall to become load bearing and the functional hoof that you initially had is now gone. Domestic horses do not have the ability to cover the many miles over varying terrain like their wild relatives, they do not move enough to wear down the hoof wall. We need to shape the hoof to recreate that wear pattern, in a balanced and correct fashion.

PERFORMANCE HORSES: 3 WEEKS to 4 WEEKS, this works even better IF THE OWNER CAN APPLY A "MAINTENANCE TRIM" WITH A RASP AT 2 WEEKS to keep the correct hoof shape (I'm more than happy to show clients how to apply a basic trim)
PADDOCK HORSEs/ Retirees: 6 WEEKS MAXIMUM, hORSES with pathologies: 4 WEEKS MAXIMUM.

Please note that it is unproductive for both the horses owner & myself to be applying a barefoot trim at irregular periods, a long hoof will break off, chip and crack. We will not be able to make improvements if hoof care is not applied regularly. I think it is only fair that owners respect the fact that their horse needs regular hoof care and work to my suggested trim schedule, I always remind clients about upcoming due dates for trimming.


Hoof Tips can be an effective "middle ground" between shoes and barefoot. The tip protects the sole of the hoof over the toe area, which can really benefit horses with thin soles, while allowing the back part of the foot to function correctly with the frog, digital cushion and lateral cartilage engaged and not restricted by a fixed shoe.

I do not apply these with nails, but 4 small screws per foot. They are not visible from the top of the hoof (appears barefoot) but from underneath you can see it protects the toe area. I find these work very well on thoroughbreds with flat, thin soles who struggle to go barefoot for this reason (tender over hard or rocky ground). An application will last 4 weeks and the tips can be reused for up to 3 or 4 trim cycles.

Contact me for more info on using tips on your horse, they were developed by Andrew Bowe (Equine Podiotherapist & Master Farrier) from