Functional Hoofcare is headed by Michelle Linke, a qualified Equine Podiotherapist.

Michelle has completed the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy, 2 years of intensive training run by the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy. The course covers detailed equine anatomy, hoof pathologies, nutrition, biology, hoof balance, hoof function and the completion of the Diploma includes passing a written and practical exam plus 16 detailed case studies.

Enrolling in the Diploma was a natural progression from completing a maintenance trimming clinic with Andrew Bowe from After having hoof issues with her own Thoroughbred gelding Michelle could not find a farrier to give her the help or information she was looking for until she came across a "barefoot trimmer" who was undertaking the Diploma course himself and was able to explain in detail the function of the hoof, then all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together!

Michelle is based in Mount Gambier, South Australia and owns 3 of her own horses, Timmy & Stampy (Thoroughbreds) and Rocky (Warmblood) who are all barefoot and happy. Stampy is the older retiree of the 2 Thoroughbreds and wears his Easyboot Epics most of the time in the paddock as his caudal (back) foot is thin and unsupportive due to being shod up until 15 years of age, the years degeneration on his feet from not functioning correctly have taken there toll however he is very happy in boots and pads. Michelle loves dressage and competes on Rocky when time allows.

Originally Michelle's interest in trimming horses started out of a need to keep her own horses sound and healthy, but she has since discovered that a lot of other horse owners are in a similar situation and the number of horses on her books is increasing every month.

Barefoot hoofcare is the ideal option for people who want to see their horses live a long life with the most functional, healthy hooves possible. It is not always an easy road but it is very rewarding long term.