Equine Podiotherapy is the maintenance and rehabilitation of the equine foot by the application of physiologically correct trimming which respect the role of orthopedics in sustaining lifelong soundness.
The equine hoof has been made by nature to function in a certain way, and I trim each hoof keeping this idea always in mind. My job as a hoofcare professional is to help your horse have the best hooves possible.
I look forward to working with you soon!

Michelle Linke, Equine Podiotherapist (Dip. EPT)

Out & aBOUT

The truth of the matter is that every horse should be able to get out and about without shoes, even those competing. Here are some examples of barefoot horses getting out and about.

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Blue Chip Range

Blue Chip Feed Balancers are a simplified,high quality way to feed your horses. Direct from the UK, 100% natural & organic ingredients, molasses free and whole cereal free.

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Hoof boots have become a very useful tool in the horse owner's kit. They are great for rehab, transitioning, riding over rocky or variable terrain and general comfort levels.

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